To Peel or not to Peel


Everybody now seems to be a potato – couch potato mouse potato or whatever! And mind u, those are never intended as compliments to a person! I ask, and not just once, Why is a potato synonymous with bad things? Just because u dont know to name some random subji, you will call it Dum(b) Aloo eh?

Introducing to you, the all new intelligent Aloo!


Step 1: Take How many ever potatoes you want.

Step 2: Ask amma to boil and cook them properly for u.

Step 3: Intelligent Aloo is ready :), and hopefully must look something like this.


Nutritional aspects of a potato can be found anywhere, why waste precious minutes typing it here! But what i really wanted to say is that a potato is a really intelligent choice for food, if cooked and eaten properly!

As you can see, i was terribly bored; thanks for the wasting of time 😛